Poison Mushroom

by PixlCrushr

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released December 10, 2011




PixlCrushr Milwaukee, Wisconsin

From: Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
I love video game music, so I've been writing my own since 2007.
contact: mikebaker144@outlook.com
Much more music at SoundCloud: soundcloud.com/pixlcrushr

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Track Name: It's 20XX
When will they stop
Hacking and stealing perception
Vision is controlled and hazy
We're born in a world full of conquering
Get the fuck away
Let me see for myself
I know that you don't really care
This fall of art is most displeasing

Brainwash scripted coding
Binary content that stains
The year is 20XX
The security is deadly outside
Track Name: Critique
This strange mess
It's so seemingly endless
Through this greed driven canvas
False renders
Perceived in fragments
Overwhelmed in the direction and meaning
Focus point
Stepping back
It's never clear
Nothing fits
"Interpretate" the broken mirror
Self destruct
Push reset
It's all an end
Sign your name
Formulate the newest trend
Track Name: Unfortunate Protagonist
As I step foot into the forest
I just cannot help but think
If only they could see me now
I'd be laughing in their faces

I just can't wait to save the princess
I'll be a hero after all
Watch me breeze right through these dungeons
Every evil boss will fall

As I step foot into the forest
I just cannot help but think
Without me they would all be screwed
They would all plummet and sink
Track Name: Tetris Apocalypse (Falling Blocks)
Falling Blocks
Blocks are falling from the sky
we'll all die
The pieces just don't fit
I will never quit
From the flood that hit

Let's build this boat
If we can float
On these pixels
Fucked up puzzles
And colors that won't erode
That skinny long piece
Didn't come around enough
now the ceiling closes in
we're fucked
We are done for
Track Name: The Struggle Of Addiction To Level Ups
I wish I was so much better
I don't have all the answers
I wish I was so much stronger
Level Ups
Track Name: This World's Mine
These flashing lights just seem so real
The pulsing hues that make us feel at home
I just want to explore these landscapes
I see strange lights
in this twilight
Purple midnight
This world's mine
I run loops in these bright red shoes
my way all down this checkerboard stage
I just want to explore these landscapes
Whose acid trip is this I see?
Sega Genesis color palette reality
What's the point in going outside?